Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vigil For Leonard Peltier's Release 12-16-2010 at White House Tribal Nations Conference

Vigil For Leonard Peltier's Release

  • Time: Thursday, December 16, 2010 · 7:00am - 5:00pm
  • Location: White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

A Call To Stand For Leonard Peltier

Barack Obama will host the second White House Tribal Nations Conference on December 16, 2010. As part of his campaign, Obama promised to hold yearly meetings with tribes. His first summit took place November 5, 2009. All 565 federally recognized tribes are invited to send one representative to the conference.
We need any and all supporters in D.C. to demonstrate our support of Leonard Peltier on Dec 16th. If it is like last year, we will stand across the street from the Department of the Interior Building from sunrise til 5 pm. It is vital to all our efforts that we have a strong attendance. We know this is short notice... but its the best we've got. We have to be there in large numbers-we can't let them believe we have gone away. Anyone who thinks they can attend, please contact us.


Barbara and Peter Clark
LP DOC Chapter Coordinators
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sun Dance Chief, Ben Carnes, interviewed by Indigenous Video Journalist ,Carlos A. Quiroz at Peltier DC Protest Vigil (REPOST from 9/2009)

Perunista Carlos QC
Peruanista Carlos QC

Carlos A. Quiroz Interviews

Sun Dance Chief, Ben Carnes

Ben Carnes Coctaw Nation
Ben Carnes Choctaw Nation

Video Journalist Peruanista

Interviews Sun Dance Chief Ben Carnes

.on Leonard Peltier’s 65th Birthday
Indigenous Journalist, Carlos A. Quiroz. aka Peruanista, interviews Choctaw Nations, Sun Dance Chief, Ben Carnes in Washington DC on 9/12/2009.
Carnes was in DC to protest the decision of the Parole Commission to deny Leonard Peltier Parole. Carnes protested by fasting, praying, and maintaining a Vigil in Lafayette Park. He was accompanied by many Leonard Peltier supports all hoping President Obama would look past the TEA Parties and make good on his promise to free Leonard Peltier.
The video is the production of Carlos A. Quiroz. For further information or additional permissions, contact me at: